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My name is Dr Joy Conlon and I am a Psychotherapist, an Executive, Business & Personal Coach and Performance Improvement Consultant. I successfully work with people all over the world helping them to enhance and transform their day to day personal and professional lives.

Professional Qualifications

  • PhD, MSc., BSc.
  • Accredited Psychotherapist (MSc. MIACP, MBACP)
  • Sports Psychology
  • Accredited Executive, Business & Personal Coach (AC)
  • Performance Improvement Consultant (Corporate / Sports / Performing Arts)
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Training

How I Work With Clients

 Working In-Person and Working Remotely

I work with clients both In-Person & Remotely (On-Line or via Telephone).  My remote work enables me to connect & work with clients across the globe in the comfort of their own homes / offices.  Currently, I work with clients across the United States of America, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore & across Europe, currently in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France & Italy.


Personal Related Client Work

Throughout the course of our work you learn why you are experiencing life the way you are & you will learn how to embrace empowering life changes & choices that will improve the quality of your physical, psychological, social, emotional and relational well-being.  Below are some of the areas that we can work together on:  Read More

To improve relationship dynamics To  manage  stress & anxiety To improve family dynamics
To work through relationship endings To build an empowered sense of self To work through change
To learn how to manage your thoughts To learn to regulate your emotions To work with/through experiences of infidelity
To work with depression & low moods To consider your career/life options To navigate parenthood
To develop a greater level of self-awareness To build your confidence & self-esteem To process experiences with bereavement & loss
To help you process trauma To identify limiting self-sabotaging cycles To regain a sense of momentum in your life
To explore your sexuality & sexual sense of self To work with addictions To create your dream life

Professional Related Coaching Work

Working collaboratively with corporate clients our work will enable you to develop a more focused mindset, to improve your performance & improve the performance of your company. Through our work you will gain an enhanced level of confidence, executive presence & emotional intelligence, which in turn will help you to develop and maintain healthier professional relationships whilst also helping you to navigate those inevitable challenging relationships. You will also develop rational and effective decision-making processes, leading to smart cost effective work processes.  I work on a one-to-one basis with C suite Executives & also in-house with Corporate Teams and I have experience working with small to medium enterprises as well as a number of PLC’s.  Read More

Performance Improvement Consultancy

I work with corporate clients, athletes, creatives, performing artists & clients in the entertainment industry helping them to enhance their performance & optimise their potential. Over the course of my 6 week Performance Improvement Programme you will learn to develop a greater level of mindful focus & awareness of your performance.  You will learn how to process & manage powerful emotions that can significantly impact the level of your performance & your general well-being.  You will also learn to identify & remove your hidden subconscious limiting ‘interferences’ that impede your performance & career.  Removing these interferences will enable & empower you to consistently maximise your potential & overall performance.  Read More

Association Membership Professional Conduct Continual Professional Development
I follow:
Association of Coaching (AC)

The International Coach Federation (ICF)

Code of Conduct

Regular  Coaching Supervision

The European Association of Psychotherapists

Code of Conduct

Regular  Psychotherapy Supervision


Attend CPD workshops

I follow:

Association Membership

  • Association of Coaching (AC)
  • IPS
  • IACP
  • BACP

Professional Conduct

  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Conduct
  • The European Association of Psychotherapists Code of Conduct

Continual Professional Development

  • Regular Coaching Supervision
  • Regular  Psychotherapy Supervision
  • Attend CPD workshops

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